Healthcare ... Update Dr. Keller ... God Speed

A brief update to an earlier post regarding medical pioneer Dr. Robert Keller ... I received this email from a friend this morning:

Dear Max Family

This last weekend time stood still as we learned that Dr. Keller’s fight with a serious illness had ended when he peacefully passed away late Friday evening. As you all know, for the past year Dr. Keller discussed his fight with his illness on conference calls and repeatedly thanked the field for its support and prayers.

Words cannot express the mix of emotions that we all feel as a result of this news—disbelief, shock, emptiness, sadness, love, appreciation, renewed dedication, and reflection. As we come to terms with this news, one thing stands out: all of us are extremely appreciative of Dr. Keller’s profound legacy. We are grateful for his friendship, his partnership, and for the thousands of hours of sacrifice he made in and out of the lab which resulted in the creation of MaxGXL™. Countless Associates in the field have told us their incredible stories of improved health and renewed hope that were the direct result of his education and formulations. These stories are moving tributes to his work.

Dr. Keller will be remembered by the world as a brilliant scientist, compassionate physician, consummate educator, and a dedicated friend. To all of us at Max, he has been even more—an amazing partner, mentor, teacher and a father?figure to our Max family.

It is important for all of us to remember that Dr. Keller never felt that his discoveries were an end in themselves, but rather only the beginning of what we could ultimately take to the world. In fact, on conference calls and in private meetings, Dr. Keller repeatedly stated his commitment to continually perfect the Max product line. He truly loved the work Max Associates were doing and always wanted them to have the best possible product.

It is unfortunate that Dr. Keller will no longer be with us to see all of his work come to fruition, but Max is committed to carrying out his vision. In the near future all of you will see the demonstration of our commitment to Dr. Keller when we complete a project that we started with his involvement eight months ago.

With Dr. Keller’s enthusiastic support, we have been working with a specialized group of scientists who are considered to be among the world’s best in glutathione research and its vital role in cellular function. This collaboration resulted in a breakthrough discovery that put us all in awe. Dr. Keller was extremely excited about this discovery and how it would further his mission and passion of increasing the health of millions across the globe. As a tribute to Dr. Keller, we are honored to finish this endeavor and help further his legacy.

Dr. Keller has been a teacher, a friend, and a business partner to all of us at Max for more than three years. We will miss him terribly. We will miss his talks, his conference calls, his smile, his never?ending optimism and his phenomenal knowledge, wisdom and direction.

On behalf of all of us at Max, we promise you that we will not let him down. We cordially ask each of you to work with us in unwavering commitment to advance his vision and all of its benefits to as many people as possible, as fast as possible. His vision went far beyond North America. He longed to see this work bless the entire world, including those in Third World countries who suffer the most. With his passing we are more determined than ever to diligently pursue the fulfillment of his vision, hopes and dreams. On behalf of the Max corporate team, we want to express our gratitude for Dr. Keller and to thank each of you for all you have done and are doing to help us fulfill his mission.

With sad—yet grateful—hearts,

The Max International Corporate Team

Memorial Service: We thank you for joining us in praying on behalf of Dr. Keller’s family at this time of need. While this news has deeply saddened all of us at Max, we can tell you with confidence that Dr. Keller loved God and gave Him all of the credit for everything he had. His fight may have ended but his legacy is just beginning. Dr. Keller’s memorial service will be on Monday, June 15th, from 2 to 4 p.m., with a prayer service at 3:30 p.m.
A wonderful man and a medical visionary ... may you rest in peace

Healthcare just went up again...

The healthcare issue in the United States is reaching critical perportions and my "health" insurance just went up again .... almost $1,000 a month.  This entitles my husband and myself ... who have no preexisting conditions, to have a $5,000 deductable if we become desperately ill and have enter the health care system ... is it any wonder why we need to have a bit of comic relief?

I just read this and it makes perfect sense to me:

1. The Japanese eat  very little fat
       and suffer  fewer heart attacks than  Americans.

2. The Mexicans  eat a lot of  fat
       and suffer fewer heart attacks than  Americans. 

3. The Chinese  drink very little  red wine 
       and  suffer fewer heart attacks than  Americans.

4. The  Italians drink a lot of red  wine
       and suffer fewer heart attacks than  Americans.  

5. The Germans  drink a lot of beers and eat lots of  sausages and fats  
       and suffer fewer heart attacks than   Americans. 


Eat and drink what you like.
Speaking  English is apparently what kills  you. 

'Today is a gift, that is why it is called   The Present.'