We Use it when We’re Sick ... Why call it Healthcare?

I have often wondered why, in America we use the words healthcare and health insurance when the only time they are needed is when you are sick. Does anybody else find this odd, or is it just me?

In the German language the word kranken means sick or ill. In the German speaking countries they call the hospital the krankenhaus … translated, that means “sick” house. Krankenversicherung translated means sick insurance, versicherung meaning insurance. Well, at least they are calling a spade a spade.

We are painting a picture of glowing health by using these words that actually misrepresent the facts. We are a nation of sick people and we are spending billions of tax payer dollars on drug and medical research hoping to cure ourselves. What if we used a portion of those funds earmarked to research a cure for ailments on how to stay healthy to begin with? Kind of like closing the barn door after the horse got out! Could it be that the fat cats and lobbyists don’t represent the “let’s stay healthy” population? Maybe, there is no big money in actively seeking health!

The American public is lulled into believing it is so much easier to just take a pill to feel better versus actively taking a role in our destiny …

Have you noticed that anything in the healing professions that is not sanctioned by the drug companies or the AMA is called Alternative medicine? When someone says alternative to me, I get the feeling that it means somehow it just isn’t as good, but you might try anyway. The word alternative suggests to me that it is second class. Why is that?

Why are we led to believe that mainstream medicine is the only way? Drug companies bombard us on television commercials with the pills that we need to “pop” if we have certain symptoms. Patients even go to their doctor with lists of the “miracle” drugs that they have been programmed to believe that they need. These commercials all show happy, smiling people that look like they never missed a day of work due to the sniffles. The funny part is that many health insurance programs will pay for these medications whether they are really needed or not, but most insurance companies won’t pay for you to purchase an herbal supplement or to have an acupuncture treatment. What is this world coming to?

The Chinese have an interesting system with their herbalists. The patient pays the practitioner to keep them healthy. Yes, that’s right … if you do get sick then they treat you for free. What a terrific incentive … and if you die … well … they tie a black ribbon above the door … YIKES!

What is better for relaxation and health than a massage or a dip in a hot, swirling Jacuzzi? Bet your doctor wouldn’t prescribe that and if he did, would your healthcare pay for it? I doubt it, but a prescription for valium or xanax … coming right up!

Perhaps we all need to dig our heels in and demand that a portion of the ridiculous sum of $50,000,000 to $65,000,000 that President Obama has slated for healthcare reform be spent on wellness care. I know that I personally would rather skip the whole “sick” step and stay right on the healthy path!

It is time to explore our wellness options and demand that we be heard. That is what this blog is all about. Mark this blog as a favorite, subscribe to it and be sure to leave your comments. This is your call to ACTION!